Knowroaming Softsim

Empower devices to be connected globally

The Soft SIM Platform gives devices reliable, global connectivity. KnowRoaming is truly end-to-end.

An end-to-end solution

This Software SIM Platform is a great fit for any mobile OEMs that want to give their devices voice and data connectivity across borders.


Flexible Delivery

  • This SIM operates fully in software
  • Easy implementation with drop-in integration
  • Can be deployed into any mobile device: handsets, tablets, or other M2M applications

Transparent Management

  • One cloud management portal for all your devices
  • Customize device settings for your application
  • Manage and update devices remotely

Global Connectivity

  • KnowRoaming operates a full mobile network, with coverage in 200+ countries and roaming rates that are 85% lower than carriers

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