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KnowRoaming delivers truly end-to-end solutions for global connectivity. For consumer, corporate, and enterprise customers, KnowRoaming offers flexible delivery mechanisms, customizable management platforms, and a global mobile network.

KnowRoaming launched the world’s first Global SIM Sticker in 2013 and has since developed new industry-disrupting innovations: the KnowRoaming IoT Connect, the KnowRoaming Global Hotspot, the KnowRoaming Soft SIM Platform, and the KnowRoaming SIM Card. Each product includes fully transparent, real-time management tools that can be tailored to customers’ needs.

KnowRoaming has coverage in 200+ countries at rates up to 85% lower than carriers. KnowRoaming is a technology company focused on innovation and customer experience. Learn more at

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Zulma Garcia
Zulma Garcia
Director of Marketing
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