High-bandwidth, global IoT connectivity for your enterprise needs.

IoT Connect

This turn-key Internet of Things (IoT) solution is a great fit for enterprises that require reliable, global connectivity. We work in the industries of surveillance, broadcasting, maritime or airline transportation, logistics, wearables, healthcare and more.

An end-to-end solution


Flexible Hardware

  • Seamless configuration and deployment
  • Can be provided as stand-alone application such as a router or as an integrated solution
  • Universal support for global LTE and 3G connectivity
  • Available in both stand-alone and rack-mountable form factors
  • Virtual SIM management, no physical SIM cards required

Transparent Management

  • One cloud management portal for all your devices
  • White label solutions available
  • View, update, and manage device and channel status in real-time
  • Customize device settings for your application
  • Purchase packages as needed or establish profiles for your usage and management needs

Global Connectivity

  • Connect to any mobile network operator in the world or multiple operators simultaneously to improve performance.
  • Devices are hosted and managed on the KnowRoaming core network to improve reliability and remove dependence on public internet.
  • Fully reliable: Regardless where your device is geo-located you can connect to any network that services that area.
  • Affordable: By pooling bandwidth you can enjoy optimum data costs wherever your devices are operating.
  • Scalable: By leveraging the ability to connect to multiple networks simultaneously you are less likely to be bottlenecked by a single provider or base-station.

The KnowRoaming IoT Connect is available as an integrated solution or a stand-alone router (pictured here).

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