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  • The Five Stages of Roaming

    Have you experienced the five stages of roaming? If you’ve ever felt panic, frustration, defeat, scramble, or shock, you’ve definitely gone through at least one of them, if not all! That’s why we’re here to help you avoid these common traveler pains at all costs, and roam freely.

  • Why You Should Avoid Using Free Wi-Fi

    Let’s face it, your phone is your oxygen and connectivity is your water–you can’t survive without them! While it may feel good to find a free Wi-Fi hotspot to send a quick email or briefly scroll through Instagram, is it worth risking all your personal and private information? We’re here to tell you the dangers of connecting to public Wi-Fi.

  • What Type of Roamer Are You?

    Are you constantly searching for public WiFi networks to connect to when you travel? Or are you that person who posts photos looking like you’re lying on a beach but really lying on your bed? Check out our list of five types of roamers to see which one you identify most with and how you can become a smart and savvy roamer!

  • Here’s how your phone uses data

    With every new model that launches, our smartphones get smarter and smarter, and these advancements are accompanied by more automatic features and functions they perform for our convenience. Did you know all of this requires data? We’ve gathered a quick breakdown of data your device typically uses automatically so you know what is happening. Check them out below!

  • How to keep your device secure while traveling

    The thought of losing your phone can be a nightmare. Our phones hold information about us that our best friends probably don’t even know. So you should always have some protective measures in place for your phone and the information on it—especially when you travel. Check out our tips below!

  • The truth about roaming solutions

    We developed the Global SIM Sticker to help save you money when you use your phone abroad. But how exactly do we stack up against other roaming solutions? Find out

  • How To Make The Most Of Your Data While Roaming

    Looking to keep your data usage in check when you travel the world? Want to make sure that those megabytes are for your Instagram posts and not spent accidentally downloading a week’s worth of emails? At KnowRoaming, we know how important data is to travelers. Whether you are keeping in touch with business back home, or enjoying the latest from your Twitter feed, making the most out of your data, and saving money while you roam, is easy if you follow these tips. *image via Wikipedia Commons   Tip 1: Set your apps to automatically update only over Wi-Fi. Apps are constantly updated by their developers to ensure the best possible user experience; efficient for customers, but possibly murderous to your data rates. In some cases these updates could be costing you upwards of 100mb in precious data. Avoid balance drain by setting your apps to update only over Wi-Fi, and try and take advantage of hotspots or hotel Wi-Fi. … Continued