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  • Taking Data to New Heights in Dubai

    With the recent launch of our Unlimited Data packages in 100+ countries, we couldn’t wait to hear about all the new adventures from our customers in these additional destinations. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to wait long at all as Maria Fagerström, better known as pilot blogger Maria the Pilot, recently jetted off to the UAE and took our Global SIM Card with her! Thanks to KnowRoaming, Maria was able to keep her Instagram up to speed with her busy schedule and share the gorgeous sights of Dubai.

  • My KnowRoaming Story

    Amazing travel stories from our KnowRoaming customers as they explore the globe and stay connected with the KnowRoaming SIM Sticker Julian is a Senior First Officer for South African Airways. He’s traveled the world, and knows how hard it can be to stay connected while working so far from home. “As an airline pilot traveling to all corners of the world being in contact is no longer a luxury but a necessity”. Already having tried other roaming options, Julian says he finally “found the answer in KnowRoaming.” No longer do I have to look for a Starbucks in New York or a coffee shop in Hong Kong for free Wi-Fi as KnowRoaming lets me use my cellphone or iPad just as if I was at home. Data and phone calls at local rates keeps me in contact with work and loved ones.  Cellphone coverage has been fantastic and I’ve been covered in every country I’ve been to in the last … Continued