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  • Busting 5 myths about unlocking your phone

    First things first, this isn’t the password you set on your phone. A locked phone is the term used to describe what cellular service providers do to ensure the phone they sell can only be used on their network. They instruct the cell phone manufacturers to lock the phone with software before the device leaves the factory, so it arrives in stores tied to a specific network.

  • Your Passport to India

    One of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world and home to one sixth of the world’s population is the colorful and dynamic, India. In honor of our Unlimited Data package launch in 100+ countries, which now includes India, we wanted to highlight some hidden treasures found all over the country where you can roam worry-free with KnowRoaming.

  • Tips for doing business in a foreign country

    As you jet off to a new country you’re leaving behind what you’re used to and entering a new place where language and social customs differ. Positive relationships are vital to any successful business transaction. So we’ve put together some helpful tips and tools to help you impress (or at least, not offend) your foreign business contacts.

  • Canada’s National Parks: Your Bucket List

    We now have Unlimited Data packages available in Canada! Travelers visiting Canada can stay connected across our great nation and explore some of our favorite Canadian National Parks.

  • New: Lower rates in 26 countries

    Exciting news: we’ve just lowered our pay-as-you-go data roaming rates in 26 countries and added data roaming in 4 new countries! Find out where.

  • We have a new network to serve you better

    We recently invested in upgrading our infrastructure to support our growing customer base and improve your KnowRoaming experience while you’re on the road. We are excited about our new network, and here’s what it means for you.

  • How to keep your device secure while traveling

    The thought of losing your phone can be a nightmare. Our phones hold information about us that our best friends probably don’t even know. So you should always have some protective measures in place for your phone and the information on it—especially when you travel. Check out our tips below!