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  • New: Lower rates in 26 countries

    Exciting news: we’ve just lowered our pay-as-you-go data roaming rates in 26 countries and added data roaming in 4 new countries! Find out where.

  • How to keep your device secure while traveling

    The thought of losing your phone can be a nightmare. Our phones hold information about us that our best friends probably don’t even know. So you should always have some protective measures in place for your phone and the information on it—especially when you travel. Check out our tips below!

  • Upgrade Your Business Travel: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Next Trip

    Business trips aren’t always easy. Working on the road, sleeping on planes, and keeping your life organized in a carry-on bag can put stress on even the most experienced travelers. To make the most of your next work trip, learn where you can upgrade your plans and make the whole experience more enjoyable with these 5 tips below.   1. Know when to ask for upgrades It’s not just important to know what to ask for but it’s also important to know when to ask for it. Timing is key when asking a customer service rep for a bump to better seats, or a room with view of the city. Hotel: Front desk clerks are known to be willing to upgrade customers when business is slow, but your best bet is to ask them when there aren’t a lot of other people around. Rental Car: Premium rental cars can be a costly addition to a trip, so always book the … Continued