Quick Tips for First-Time Travellers

Are you going on your first trip? Travelling will open you up to different cultures and expose you to the beauty our planet has to offer. No matter where you choose to go you will have memories that will last you a lifetime. We know planning your first trip might be a little nerve-racking so we’ve created a few tips to help you feel at ease.

Take advantage of holidays 

What better way to experience a new culture than joining in on different celebrations. With the holiday season fast approaching it is the perfect time to book your trip!

Pack at least a days worth of items in your carry-on 

Nothing is worse than getting to the airport and your luggage did not make it on the plane. Instead of being left completely stranded pack 2 outfits, a couple of pairs of clean underwear, a toothbrush and any other weather-dependent items you may need that will last you a couple of days.

Convert your money ahead of time 

DO NOT convert your money at the airport as the rates are often worse than the bank. With that, take out more money than you think you may need, it is better to have money left over than not having enough. 

Get a Travel SIM Card 

Stay connected at an affordable price with KnowRoaming’s Travel SIM Card or eSIM. By purchasing one of these products you will be able to use it on every trip instead of purchasing multiple local SIMs. With this you’ll be able to stay in contact with your loved ones, share posts instantly, you won’t get lost, and more.

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Learn the basics of the local language 

If you are travelling to a place where the language is different from your own you will thank yourself for learning basic phrases such as “where is the bathroom”, “thank you”, etc.

Have a plan but don’t overbook 

It is important to research your destination before you go to get a general idea of everything you would like to do. Although it may give you peace of mind to have a whole itinerary planned out ahead of time, you will want to have the flexibility to fit in spontaneous activities. 

Become friends with the locals 

Locals will help you immensely as they know where the best places to visit are and where the best places to eat are. They may lead you in directions you never would have known about and allow your trip to be even more memorable.  

Now that you’re all set for your first adventure, remember to have fun. Get out of your comfort zone. Explore, eat, drink, do things that you wouldn’t normally do back home. Travelling is all about experiencing and learning new things.

Let us know in the comments below where your first trip is going to be.