New: Lower rates in 26 countries

Exciting news: we’ve just lowered our pay-as-you-go data roaming rates in 26 countries and added data roaming in 4 new countries!

Since upgrading our network, we have been able to work with more roaming network partners that have allowed us to negotiate better rates. Keep your eyes peeled for more reductions and new regions.

Check out the reduced rates below:

Country New data rate (cents/MB) Old data rate (cents/MB)
Anguilla 0.15 0.50
Antigua and Barbuda 0.15 0.50
Argentina 0.20 0.30
Aruba 0.15 0.50
Barbados 0.15 0.50
Bermuda 0.15 0.50
Cayman Islands 0.15 0.50
Chile 0.20 0.50
China 0.30 0.50
Colombia 0.20 0.65
Curaçao 0.15 0.50
Dominica 0.15 0.65
Ecuador 0.20 0.50
El Salvador 0.15 0.50
Fiji 0.15 0.50
Grenada 0.15 0.50
Jamaica 0.15 0.50
Panama 0.15 0.25
Saint Kitts and Nevis 0.15 0.50
Saint Lucia 0.15 0.50
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 0.15 0.50
Samoa 0.15 0.50
Turks and Caicos Islands 0.15 0.50
United Arab Emirates 0.25 0.65
Uruguay 0.25 0.35
British Virgin Islands 0.15 0.50


Here are the new countries where we’ve added pay-as-you-go data:

New Country Rate (cents/MB)
Bosnia and Herzegovina 0.25
Indonesia 0.35
Papua New Guinea 0.15
Philippines 0.25


If there’s a country where you would like to see lower rates or data connectivity, add your comment below!

  • Stan Tan

    looking forward to better revised rates. some country pricing is really too high.. i can get data cards which cost less

  • Derek

    Really need for Vietnam, easy and cheap to get local SIM, but a definite need for emergencies.

    • Hi Derek, thanks for your feedback! We’re always working on adding unlimited data packages in countries our customers are interested in. Stay tuned!

  • Rochelle Frankel

    Please lower rates from South Africa to Australia and USA
    Thank you

    • Hi Rochelle, thanks for your comment! We will add this to our list.

  • Ajay Kothari

    Hi could you also try for something in India? Thank.

    • Hi Ajay, thank you for letting us know where you’d like to see reduced rates! We’ll see what we can do.

  • JOhn

    I love knowroaming but keep going back to another provider when I travel to the US because they offer lower rates.
    I would love it if you lowered your unlimited data plan rate for the US and maybe even enabled LTE since LTE coverage (from your US provider TMobile) is much stronger now than the older 3G coverage.

    • Hi John, thank you for sharing your feedback with us. You might be happy to know our LTE plan is in the works! When we have more news we will be sharing it here on our blog.

  • Michael Kaplan

    I travel to Canada a lot. Really need to see a daily internet plan for Canada.

    • Hi Michael, we are working on this and hope to offer data packages in Canada soon. We don’t have a timeline available to share right now but we appreciate your feedback!

  • Bloggs

    Japan data is over priced, I can get a SIM card for $12 usd for 5 gb.


    Lower rates to INDIA

    • Hi John, thanks for sharing where you’d like to see cheaper rates!

  • Jose Simard

    What are the rates for Croatia ?

    • Hi Jose, data is $0.15/mb in Croatia. Unlimited Data packages are also available in Croatia for $7.99 USD.

  • brian

    Better rates for Cuba would be nice

    • Hi Brian, thanks for letting us know where you’d like to see reduced rates!

  • Tony

    Saipan is still not on the list. And Guam is expensive too. Hope they will be on the list soon.

    • Hi Tony, thanks for letting us know where you’d like to see cheaper rates! We’ll see what we can do.

  • Christopher Bennett

    Agree about data cards. The data rates are the only weakness when it comes to KnowRoaming. I carry a second phone with a competitor’s data only SIM to get around this.

    • Hi Christopher, are there any specific countries you’d like to see reduced rates in? We’re always trying to negotiate the best rates for our customers.

  • Belize Guy

    Still waiting something in the country of Belize, that would be HUGE with all of us expats living here

    • Hi there, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We are always working to add new data packages in countries our customers want.

  • Alan Channing

    I would like to see data available in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi and Namibia. Thanks

    • Hi Alan, thanks for letting us know! We’re always working on adding data packages in countries our customers are interested in.

  • George

    Pay as you go rates for Canada still too high. And no ‘unlimited’ option either. Given I frequently visit, this would really complete my KR experience.

    • Hi George, we hear you. This is something we are working on! Thank you for your feedback!

  • Robert

    Hi there! Any plans to add unlimited data packages for China and Philippines? Do you also have plans for unlimited data packages for cruise ships?

    • KnowRoaming

      Hi Robert, yes–we are always working to expand our unlimited data offering to more countries!